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An excellent in-depth guide can be found in Howard Melman's User Manual on p105.

The Shelf Module is great for saving chunks of text or files for later use. It could be used for form replies, passwords (unsecure), code snippets, URLs, addresses, lorem ipsum, etc. On the video, a bunch of special characters can be seen on the Shelf. Select that line using the 'Shelf > Show Contents' trigger, press '.' and select and copy the character needed. With the Shelf open, text and items can also be dragged to and from the Shelf. You can also select an item within the Shelf window, and press delete to remove it.

Shelf show contents.png

Don't store too many high memory files such as images, as this can cause Quicksilver to hang. If you have this problem, quit Quicksilver, delete ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Shelves and relaunch (~ is the Home folder). Caution: the Shelf and Clipboard will be reset to empty, and the Catalog entry might need to be rechecked and rescanned.

Setup and usage video. There's also a 'Show' action in Preferences > Actions. Keyboard presses shown. (The ⌘V presses when pasting from the Shelf are Quicksilver telling System Events to use that keystroke.)

Install the Shelf Module in Preferences > Plug-ins. Catalog Shelf and Clipboard items.png


Pane 1 Pane 2 Pane 3 Extra Requirements Notes
Shelf Show Contents
Shelf item (→ into Shelf) Remove from Shelf A good way to use this is to assign the command to a trigger, and in

Preferences > Actions, have 'Paste with Clipboard' as text's first action.



Put on Shelf
Shelf Show To emulate the video, assign this to a trigger, and drag the window

into the side of the screen to anchor it.

Shelf show window 1.png