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Plugins allow you to extend Quicksilver's functions, allowing interaction with your installed applications, new interfaces, access to web content, and more.
To learn more about a plugin, see the plugin's Documentation from within the Quicksilver plugins preferences (select a plugin and press ⌘⌥? or select the 'i' icon).

It is strongly recommended you install plugins from within Quicksilver's preferences.

Quicksilver will only show versions of plugins that are known to work for its version, which is not the case for this page.

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Plugin Vers. Updated
plugin icon 1Password Plugin by Patrick Robertson 4.2.0 2018-09-04 Quickly find and use 1Password itemsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Allow selecting which categories are indexed in the Catalog preferences
  • Fix missing items when right-arrowing into
plugin icon Abracadabra Triggers by Alcor, Jason Cornwell, QSApp Team 1.6.1 2013-12-04 Trigger commands with mouse/trackpad gesturesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
Fix a crash when drawing a new gesture
plugin icon AcidSearch Queries by Blacktree, Inc. 36 2006-09-01 Provides access to AcidSearch channels as queriesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon AirPort Module by Rob McBroom A8 2011-07-27 Control AirPort power and connect to available networksPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Apple Mail Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 3.1.0 2014-09-08 Enables browsing and email actions for Apple MailPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • support for more account types
  • performance improvements
plugin icon Audio Plugin by Rob McBroom 1.0.0 2018-07-04 Adjust macOS audio devicesPlugin ChangelogChanges:

New audio device plugin

plugin icon Automator Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.2.1 2012-09-13 Support For Workflows and Automator ActionsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
fix a bug with 1.2.0 that made Quicksilver unresponsive
plugin icon Backpack Module by Blacktree, Inc. 5D 2006-09-01 Shortcuts to Backpack ( PagesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon BBEdit Module by Blacktree, Inc. 2B 2006-09-01 Recent DocumentsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Bezel Classic Interface by Blacktree, Inc. 1.0.0 2013-01-15 The original Bezel interface (before ß71)Plugin ChangelogChanges:
The old Bezel interface, resurrected.
plugin icon BezelHUD by Julius Eckert, Ben Cochran 1.4.1 2012-11-15 A dark 'HUD' style interface based on the built in Bezel interfacePlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Updates for Quicksilver ß71
plugin icon Bluetooth Module by Blacktree, Inc. 28 2006-09-01 Allows Bluetooth Dialing of Phone NumbersPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon BuddyPop Module by Blacktree, Inc. 0.5.2 2006-09-01 Reveal contacts with BuddyPop. Requires BuddyPop 2.0Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Calculator Plugin by Kevin Ballard 2.2.4 2016-06-29 Allows calculation of mathematical expressions with the Calculate action.Plugin ChangelogChanges:

show the formula type in the Actions preferences

plugin icon Calendar Plugin by QSApp 1.1.2 2012-08-23 Adds support for creating Events and To-Dos with Calendars on your MacPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Fix a bug where a blank To-Do was added to a calendar when using the 'create to do' action
plugin icon Camino Module by Blacktree, Inc. 96 2006-09-01 Adds Camino BookmarksPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Chat Support 4A 2006-01-06
plugin icon Clipboard Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.6.2 2020-05-25 Allows clipboard recording and adds a clipboard history window.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
Revert recent changes related to rich text
plugin icon CLIX Module by Blacktree, Inc. 37 2006-09-01 Imports commands from CLIX filesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Clutter Artwork by Blacktree, Inc. 28 2006-01-06 Loads artwork from ClutterPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Command Line Tool by Blacktree, Inc. 1.2.1 2016-08-25 Allows data to be piped into Quicksilver from the command linePlugin ChangelogChanges:

fix an issue with replacing the qs command

plugin icon Constellation Menus by SAUI P4 1.0.4 2006-09-24 Adds Radial Menu Actions to QuicksilverPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Contact Support 6E 2006-01-06
plugin icon Contacts Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 2.2.1 2015-04-19 Provides access to contact informationPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • fix missing nicknames on Yosemite
  • another attempt to prevent hangs when scanning contacts
  • internal clean-up
plugin icon Cube Interface by Blacktree, Inc. 2.0.4 2015-11-14 Cube InterfacePlugin ChangelogChanges:

Release a version that will run with Quicksilver 1.3.3 or higher

plugin icon Cyberduck Plugin by Rob McBroom 2.1.0 2012-07-11 Cyberduck Quicksilver PluginPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • updated for 64-bit
  • small fixes
plugin icon Dash Plugin by Rob McBroom 1.0.1 2016-02-10 Allows quick access to Dash DocSetsPlugin ChangelogChanges:

small update for future compatibility

plugin icon DeMinimizer Plugin by ytrewq1 1.0.0 2012-11-16 Restore and minimize windowsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • 64 bit ready
  • Performance and code improvements
  • Use notifications to display statuses to the user
plugin icon Desktop Picture Action by Tim Kingman 1.4.5 2006-09-12 Set the desktop picture of any display to a file, folder, or URL.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Developer Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.2.1 2013-02-15 Developer Documentation AccessPlugin ChangelogChanges:
64-bit compatible, adds applications buried within Xcode 4.3+ to the catalog
plugin icon Deviant Module by Blacktree, Inc. 0.5.1 2006-09-01 Allows you to link the current desktop to any folder, effectively swapping the items on your desktop.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Dictionary Module by Kevin Ballard 1.1.4 2011-04-10 Adds a Define action to strings to fetch the definition from dict.orgPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Disk Image Support by Blacktree, Inc. 25 2006-09-01 Disk Image handling and actionsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Displays Plugin by Patrick Robertson, Blacktree, Inc. 1.0.2 2014-08-27 Allows modification of desktop picture, resolution and depth of displaysPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • fade to black instead of red when changing settings
  • decrease fade time when changing settings
plugin icon E-mail Support 2.0.2 2014-04-07 Works with your mail client to enable e-mail based actionsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Remove “Default” from the list of E-mail handlers
  • Improved command descriptions
  • Compatibility with the next release of Quicksilver
plugin icon Eclipse by Brad Reynolds 0.9.2 2007-07-14 Plugin to make Quicksilver aware of Eclipse workspaces.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Entourage 2004 Module by Blacktree, Inc. BF 2006-09-01 Enables email actions for Entourage. Preliminary access to contacts in v2004.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Event Triggers by Blacktree, Inc 2.0.0 2014-09-12 Run triggers automatically based on system eventsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Event Triggers for some events can be told to fire only for specific items. So instead of watching for “Application Launched”, you can now watch for “Safari Launched” or “Anything other than TextEdit Launched”. See the help for details.
  • New Events added:
  • Switched to A/C Power
  • Switched to Battery Power
  • Switched to UPS Power
  • Switched to Headphones
  • Switched to Internal Speakers
  • Switched to S/PDIF
  • Internet Became Available
  • Internet Became Unavailable
  • More custom icons
  • Improvements and bug fixes related to the delay setting
  • Documentation is more detailed
plugin icon Extra Scripts Plugin by Blacktree, Inc., Patrick Robertson 1.0.1 2012-04-29 AppleScripts for commonly used system tasksPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon FaceTime Plugin by Rob McBroom 1.1 2015-05-14 Initiate FaceTime with ContactsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • adds support for FaceTime Audio calls
plugin icon File Attribute Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 2.0.6 2015-08-30 File tagging, locking, and visibilityPlugin ChangelogChanges:
Quicksilver 1.3.0 compatibility updates
plugin icon File Compression Plugin by Patrick Robertson, Blacktree, Inc. 1.7.2 2014-04-24 File Compress/Decompress ActionsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Added support for 7-zip files
  • Changed the default extension for bzip2 from tbz to tbz2
  • Improved naming for archived folders with . in their name
  • Better detail for archive formats in the third pane (for Compress Using…)
  • Compatibility updates for Quicksilver 1.2.0
  • Internal improvements
plugin icon File Tagging Module by Blacktree, Inc. 73 2006-09-01 Modify and find tags in file commentsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Firefox Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.0.1 2014-11-30 Bookmarks & History for FirefoxPlugin ChangelogChanges:
updated to work with newer versions of Firefox
plugin icon Flashlight Interface by Blacktree, Inc. 1.0.1 2012-07-01 Provides a Spotlight style interface.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Re-instated ability to alter background colour of interface
plugin icon Flickr Upload by Blacktree, Inc. 0.6 2006-09-01 Upload images or directories to flickrPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Gmail Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.1.0 2013-03-28 Allows Quicksilver to send emails via GmailPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Enable the 'send directly' actions for Gmail
  • Add documentation
  • Fix the 'Compose Email' action for multiple email addresses'
plugin icon Google Calendar Module A4 2007-02-09 Create Events on Google CalendarPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Google Chrome Plugin by Andreas Johansson 1.3.1 2018-02-15 Access to information and functionality in the Google Chrome web browserPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • reduce CPU load caused by constant history rescans
plugin icon Growl Notifier by Blacktree, Inc. 1.3.2 2012-01-22
plugin icon iChat Module by Blacktree, Inc. 0.5.0 2006-09-01 Enables Chat actions for iChatPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Image Manipulation Plugin by Patrick Robertson, Blacktree 1.1.1 2014-01-31 Actions to scale and change format of imagesPlugin ChangelogChanges:

updates to trigger events

plugin icon Indigo X10 Module by Blacktree, Inc. 6A 2006-09-01 Accesses Indigo's home automation featuresPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Interarchy Module by Nolobe Pty Ltd 8 2007-04-29 Provides access to Interarchy Bookmarks and Net Disks. Allows you to open bookmarks; upload files and folders to bookmarks; and mount, unmount, and sync Net Disks.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon iPhoto Plugin by Patrick Robertson & Blacktree, Inc. 2.0.1 2012-08-15 Adds Albums to the catalogPlugin ChangelogChanges:
Fixes to not launch iPhoto unexpectedly when browsing files in Quicksilver
plugin icon iTerm Module by ytrewq1 33 2006-07-17 iTerm SupportPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon iTerm2 Plugin by Andreas Johansson 1.7.2 2014-04-20 Provider for using iTerm2 with the Terminal pluginPlugin ChangelogChanges:
Compatibility updates for Quicksilver 1.2.0
plugin icon iTunes Plugin by Alcor, Rob McBroom 3.0.2 2018-02-12 Allows you to control iTunes and browse the iTunes libraryPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • “Reveal in iTunes” is now an alternate action for “Play”
  • corrected and updated documentation
plugin icon iusethis by Marcus Ramberg 42 2009-05-15 Integrate your applications with through quicksilver. Find the homepage or latest version directly.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Keychain Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.1.3 2013-09-23 Access to Keychain entriesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Fix loading contents of keychain items in the Quicksilver interface
plugin icon MailMate Plugin by Rob McBroom 1.0 2013-11-13 Send messages using MailMatePlugin ChangelogChanges:
Send and compose messages using MailMate
plugin icon Mailsmith Module by Blacktree, Inc. 0.5.0 2006-09-01 Enables email actions for MailsmithPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Menu Interface by Blacktree, Inc. 1.0.1 2012-06-25 Provides a menu bar interfacePlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • 64 bit ready
plugin icon Microsoft Office Plugin by Patrick Robertson 1.1.1 2016-01-28 Recent documents from the Microsoft Office SuitePlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Sort recent documents by date last accessed
plugin icon Mini Interface by Blacktree, Inc. 1.0.4 2012-08-11 Provides a miniature interfacePlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • 64 bit updates
plugin icon Mini-Bezel 5E 2010-04-25
plugin icon Mini-Bezel 1.0.2 2013-08-09 A more compact version of the Bezel interface. It's smaller, and doesn't have description text under the displayed objects.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Fix a crash when changing interfaces
plugin icon Mouse Triggers by Patrick Robertson, Blacktree, Inc. 1.0.1 2017-06-28 Allows triggering with hot corners and edges of the main screenPlugin ChangelogChanges:

remove deprecated code

plugin icon Music ARTchive Artwork by Blacktree, Inc. 44 2006-01-06 Stores and loads artwork from the common music archivePlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Music Support 54 2006-09-13
plugin icon NetNewsWire Module by Blacktree, Inc. A9 2006-09-01 Subscriptions and HeadlinesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Network Location Module by Blacktree, Inc. 94 2006-09-01 Adds networks locations and switchingPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Networking Plugin by Rob McBroom 1.3.1 2020-10-01 Manage wireless connections, locations, and get informationPlugin ChangelogChanges:

Clean up IP extraction code

plugin icon Nostromo Interface by Rob McBroom 1.3.0 2015-08-05 Provides a wide interfacePlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • new Southern Water Tribe theme
  • explicitly disable the title bar
plugin icon Notification Hub by Kevin Ballard 1.1.0 2012-07-11 Provides a way to use several notifiers at oncePlugin ChangelogChanges:
64-bit updates
plugin icon Now Contact Module by Blacktree, Inc. 0.5.2 2006-01-06 Contacts from Now Contact Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon OmniWeb Plugin by Allan Odgaard and Rob McBroom 3.0.1 2016-06-14 Bookmarks, History, Search Queries, and Proxy Object.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
  • supports for OmniWeb 6
  • fixes the Current Selection proxy when using OmniWeb
  • drops support for older versions of OmniWeb
  • internal clean-up and modernization
plugin icon OpenMeta File Tagging by Jordan Kay 29A 2009-09-03 OpenMeta File Tagging SupportPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon OpenMeta File Tagging Plugin by Jordan Kay 2.1.2 2015-08-30 Support for file tagging with OpenMetaPlugin ChangelogChanges:
Quicksilver 1.3.0 compatibility updates
plugin icon Opera Plugin by Eric Doughty-Papassideris 1.0.0 2012-06-24 Plugin for connecting Quicksilver and the Opera browserPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • 64 bit ready
  • Speed improvements
  • Improved behaviour when right arrowing into (same behaviour as Safari and Chrome plugins)
plugin icon Path Finder Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.1.0 2012-10-31 Handles open, reveal, info, and selection actions in Path FinderPlugin ChangelogChanges:
64-bit compatibility
plugin icon Phone Actions by Blacktree, Inc. F4 2006-09-01 Phone number dialing actions.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Process Manipulation Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.1.2 2016-03-08 Actions for monitoring and modifying application processes on your machine.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
Force Quit now sends the same signal as OS X
plugin icon PushDialer Plugin by Push Dialer, LLC 1.0.0 2013-11-22 Allows you to dial contact phone numbers on your iPhone using PushDialerPlugin ChangelogChanges:
New plug-in for calling contacts using an iPhone and PushDialer
plugin icon QSQRCode by Eric Doughty-Papassideris 1.0.0 2012-08-16 Displays objects as QR CodePlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • 64 bit ready
plugin icon Remember The Milk by Brian Moore 1.6.0 2015-02-05 Provides an interface to quickly add Remember the Milk todo items.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
updated to work with the current API
plugin icon Remote Desktop Module 2D 2006-09-01 Remote Desktop Access, for now only supports control, observe, and desktop.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Remote Hosts Plugin by Rob McBroom 1.7.0 2016-04-15 Provides actions that can be taken on computersPlugin ChangelogChanges:

add actions for SFTP

plugin icon Safari Plugin by Alcor, Rob McBroom 2.4.2 2018-02-15 Access to information from the Safari browserPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • reduce CPU load caused by constant history rescans
plugin icon SafariStand Queries by Blacktree, Inc. 24 2006-09-01 Provides access to SafariStand QuickSearches as queriesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Salling Clicker by Adam Watkins 23 2005-04-06 Publish Menu, Remove Menu and Make Device Squeak scripts for Salling ClickerPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Screen Capture Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.7.0 2014-06-10 A set of actions that allow capturing the screenPlugin ChangelogChanges:
Respect custom location for captured images (if defined)
plugin icon Services Menu Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.3.1 2015-05-01 Converts entries from the Services menu into actionsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
provide an argument count for all Service actions
plugin icon Shelf Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 1.3.1 2015-08-30 Provides a shelf for permanent storage of objectsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
Quicksilver 1.3.0 compatibility updates
plugin icon Showcase by Julius Eckert 8E 2015-03-22
plugin icon Slideshow Action by Blacktree, Inc. 6D 2006-01-06 Provides an action to show images in a slideshowPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Social Bookmarks by Blacktree, Inc. 2.1.0 2014-02-17 Provides access to and bookmarksPlugin ChangelogChanges:
64-bit compatibility
plugin icon Sogudi Queries by Blacktree, Inc. 23 2006-01-06 Provides access to Sogudi shortcuts as queriesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Spotlight Plugin by Rob McBroom 2.2.0 2018-07-14 Spotlight actions and integrationPlugin ChangelogChanges:

Updates for the new catalog API and other internal improvements

plugin icon Subversion Module by Alex Eiser F9 2006-06-29 Adds the ability to interact with Subversion Repositories.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Synergy Artwork by Blacktree, Inc. 27 2006-01-06 Loads artwork from SynergyPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon System HotKey Commands by Blacktree, Inc. 5A 2006-09-01 Allows triggering of Exposé and other System HotkeysPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Tatau Module by ytrewq1 2F 2007-04-09
plugin icon Terminal Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 2.4.2 2014-11-05 Allows running of shell scripts in Quicksilver or the TerminalPlugin ChangelogChanges:
the Run a Text Command in Terminal should only appear for text
plugin icon Text Manipulation Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. & Patrick Robertson 1.2.0 2015-03-18 Actions for manipulating text lines in filesPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • New actions that prepend a timestamp to each line of text
  • internal clean-up and imrpovements
plugin icon TextStart Ranker by Allan Odgaard, Florian Heckl 2.1.1 2012-05-21 Ranking which prefers word boundaries.

So when you enter "ab" as a search string then "Address" gets a higher score then "Abrasive.jpg".

You can change the default ranker in the Handlers preferences.Plugin ChangelogChanges:
Alert users of the old TextMate Ranker to update
plugin icon Things Module by Cultured Code 8C 2009-08-27 Things plugin for Quicksilver. Requires Things.appPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Transmit 4 Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 4.1.1 2013-12-02 Favorites Access & UploadingPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Fix a recent change that caused to launch sporadically
plugin icon Twitter Plugin by Patrick Robertson 1.0.3 2013-06-14 Allows posting of tweets and messages to Twitter from QuicksilverPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Update plugin for Twitter API v1.1
  • Fix sending tweets when running Quicksilver actions on a background thread
plugin icon Unit Conversion Module by ytrewq1 5E 2006-07-10 Unit conversions via the units(1) commandPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon User Accounts Module by Blacktree, Inc. 9D 2006-09-01 Adds user accounts to the catalog and a fast user switch actionPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon User Interface Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 2.2.1 2014-01-14 Access the menus and windows of running applications.Plugin ChangelogChanges:

This update removes unused trigger presets. If you see empty triggers under “UI Access”, you’ll need to open ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Triggers.plist and remove them manually.

Search for “UI Access” and remove the three matching triggers with the following IDs:

  • CurrentApplicationCommand
  • CurrentDocumentCommand
  • CurrentFocusedWindowCommand
plugin icon Viscosity Plugin by Rob McBroom 1.3.3 2017-11-06 Access VPN connections in ViscosityPlugin ChangelogChanges:

correctly handle quotes around connection names

plugin icon VoodooPad Module by James Cox 7B 2006-09-01 A QuickSilver module for working with VoodooPadPlugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Web Search Plugin by Blacktree, Inc. 2.8.0 2016-09-01 Allows searching the webPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • improved command descriptions
  • internal updates
plugin icon White Bezel Interface by BRNBW / Mikkel Malmberg 1.0 2013-04-04 A whiter version of the classic Bezel InterfacePlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • First release - new White Bezel interface
plugin icon WikitWidget Module by Diman Todorov B6 2007-01-07 A plugin to append and prepend text or create entries in a dashboard wiki Plugin ChangelogChanges:
plugin icon Window Interface by Blacktree, Inc. 1.1.0 2014-11-10 Provides a simple window interfacePlugin ChangelogChanges:

fixes an issue for users with an external display

plugin icon Yojimbo Plugin by Rob McBroom and many others 3.0.0 2014-01-14 Add and Access Yojimbo ItemsPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • Updated to work with Yojimbo 4
  • Current Selection support
  • You can get Yojimbo items with ⌘⎋ when in the application
  • You can get Yojimbo items via the Current Selection proxy object when in the application
  • You can get Yojimbo items from anywhere using the Current Yojimbo Selection proxy object (if Yojimbo is running)
plugin icon Plugin by Rob McBroom 2.0.0 2020-07-18 Interact with zoom.usPlugin ChangelogChanges:
  • adds support for vanity URLs like
  • adds support for vanity meeting IDs
  • adds support for meeting URLs with additional arguments (like a password)