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The 1Password for Quicksilver plugin enables you to right arrow into the 1Password application, giving you a list of all your data saved in 1Password. It also gives you the ability to catalogue all your 1Password data and manipulate it from within Quicksilver.


Go & Fill[edit]

This action will perform just like the Go & Fill action from within 1Password on your saved Web Forms. The 'Go & Fill...' action works with the comma trick, so you can open multiple logins at once.

Reveal In 1Password[edit]

This action will open the selected 1Password data entry in 1Password for editing, copying of data etc.

Catalogue Entries[edit]

To save you time from having to search for 1Password, then right arrow you can 'tick' the 'Web Forms' source under Catalog Preferences, and all forms will be searchable from anywhere (disabled by default) 
You may need to rescan manually to start with.

The plugin can index and catalog all your 1Password data; web forms, accounts, software, identities, wallet items and notes.


Operating System: Mac OS X 10.5+

Applications: 1Password 3+

External Links[edit]

Developer's Website

1Password Plugin for Quicksilver Source Code