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Alternate actions are a very powerful feature of Quicksilver. When a user selects an action in the second pane, they can hit ↩ to run it, or they can hit ⌘↩ to run an alternate (if one is defined). Generally an alternate action will be similar to the main action, but modified in some way.

Quicksilver ß71+

As of Quicksilver ß71 you can view the alternate to a given action (if it exists) buy holding the ⌘ key when Quicksilver's interface is open. You can view a full list of the alternate actions in the 'Alternate Action (⌘↩)' column of the Actions preference pane.

Table of Actions and their Alternate Actions[edit]

Action Alternate Action Plugin Required
Open (file) Reveal (file) in Finder Core Plugin
Hide (application) Hide Others Core Plugin
Quit (application) Quit Others Core Plugin
Toggle Application Hide Others Core Plugin
Open URL Open URL in Background Core Plugin
Search For Search For & Return in Quicksilver Web Searche Module
Spotlight Contents... Spotlight Contents in Finder Spotlight Plugin
Open (item) at Login Do Not Open (item) at Login Core Plugin
Go & Fill... Reveal in 1Password 1Password Plugin