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The Event Triggers plugin causes a predefined action to occur just like any other trigger, except the trigger is not directly activated by the user. Instead, it's triggered by an "event", such as the current track in iTunes changing, apps launching or quitting, disks ejecting, and a few others. It comes with a proxy object called Event Trigger Object that allows the action it triggers to be performed on the object that triggered the event. For example, if you set an Event Trigger to fire whenever the track in iTunes changes, and set the action to Event Trigger Object -> Large Type, then the name of the track would appear on screen whenever the track changed in iTunes.

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Triggers Catalog
[Adds 'Event' triggers that are similar to
ordinary triggers, but activated due to system changes.]
  • Quicksilver
    • Proxy Objects
      • Event Trigger Object


Setting up an Event Trigger.

Plugin Info[edit]

(This can be found by pressing the 'i' button at the bottom of the Preferences window when the plugin is selected on the Plug-ins page.)

Trigger based on system events