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This page gives a brief overview as to what you can do to help Quicksilver. You can still help even if you're not a developer, read on!


If you want to help develop for Quicksilver, we first recommend you checkout the source code from the Quicksilver GitHub repository. There is information on Developer Information available in this wiki. Many reported bugs exist in the Github Issues list and this is what we're working hardest on at the moment. You may also like to join the Quicksilver Developer's Group.


You use Quicksilver everyday? Why not help write us with this Wiki, or document the plugins? It will help both developers and other users a LOT. To sign up for a Quicksilver Wiki account, email [email protected]


There's a LoveQuicksilver blog online which is great for sharing tips. If you have ideas you want to share, why not submit a post?

Localisation & Translation[edit]

See the Localization page

Bug Reporting[edit]

The only way we can all improve Quicksilver is if we know what the bugs we need to fix are! You can report bugs on Quicksilver at the Quicksilver Issues page, and bugs on the plugins at the Plugins Issues page.


If you're a Quicksilver power user, you can help new users at the Google Groups, find solutions for users that are posting issues at GitHub or help people who are tweeting problems to @LoveQuicksilver

Spread the word![edit]

The best way of keeping something alive is to spread the word about its existence! Let friends know how awesome it is; you never know - your best friend may be the one Mac OS X developer that knows just how to fix things right.


There's another extensive page which you can see called which details what you can do to help this website.

Anything you can think of![edit]

If you have any other ideas or want more help, feel free to post in the Google Groups and we'll definitely get in touch!