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Quicksilver contains many 'hidden' preferences which can be edited by entering a command with the following format into Terminal.app. Alter the "Setting Name" and "Value" parts of the command depending on the preference you would like to change

defaults write com.blacktree.quicksilver "Setting Name" Value

An example could be:

defaults write com.blacktree.quicksilver "QSLoadImagePreviews" NO

Some settings take an array. For example, to enable previews only for images, video, and audio files:

defaults write com.blacktree.Quicksilver QSFilePreviewTypes -array public.image \
public.movie public.audio com.adobe.pdf

The following table lists all the settings that can be changed, and their effect on Quicksilver.

"Setting Name" Value Description
"Delay Before Quitting" YES or NO Enable the 'Hold ⌘Q to quit' dialogue (YES) or disable it (NO) when ⌘Q is pressed
"QSLoadImagePreviews" YES or NO Enable the loading of icon previews (YES) or disable it (NO)
"QSFilePreviewTypes" an array of UTI strings Fine-tune which file types get previews for aesthetic or performance reasons. Only applies if "QSLoadImagePreviews" is enabled.
"Show Release Notes on Upgrade" YES or NO Show the release notes when Quicksilver is updated (YES)
"QSUpdateWithoutAsking" YES or NO Allow Quicksilver to install app updates and plugin updates automatically, and restart without asking the user (YES) or to ask the user always (NO)
"QSIgnorePlugInBundleRequirements" YES or NO Ignore bundle, application, path, framework, Quicksilver version, and OS version requirements when loading plug-ins. (This is not recommended.) Architecture incompatibilities and dependencies on other plug-ins will still prevent a plug-in from loading.
"QSRestartAutomaticallyWithoutCrashReporter" YES or NO Sets whether the crash reporter is shown when Quicksilver restarts after a crash. Set it to YES to hide the crash reporter

You can also adjust all of the YES/NO settings by installing the Secrets preference pane.