Known Bad Applications

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Apps that cause Quicksilver to crash[edit]

Certain applications have been seen to cause problems with Quicksilver. If you have any of the applications below installed on your system, then try uninstalling them or updating as suggested.

  • DefaultFolderX

If you are using DefaultFolderX, please ensure that you update to the latest (4.4.7+) version to avoid crashes

  • Syncplicity

On Lion 10.7.3, the /Library/Contextual Menu Items/SyncpCMPlugin.plugin causes QuickSilver to crash when trying to access any of the preferences.

  • SCFinderPlugin

To remove the plugin: make sure you have administrative privileges, then trash the two following files:

/Library/Contextual Menu Items/SCFinderPlugin.plugin
  • TotalFinder

Apps that interfere with Quicksilver[edit]

This list contains a list of known applications that interfere with Quicksilver. Try disabling these applications to see if it fixes your problems

  • Windowshade X
  • Spirited Away (though it should work fine as long as you add a check to Quicksilver in Spirited Away's "Exclude List")
  • QuicKeys
  • Fruit Menu
  • USMLEWorld QBank (only if the QS clipboard plugin is installed)