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Plugins contain additional or application-specific functionality that can be added to Quicksilver. Install plugins in the "Plug-ins" pane of Preferences.

The compatibility charts are often best guesses - if you have better information, set up a wiki account and/or email [email protected], or tweet @LoveQuicksilver.

Videos: If you use Flash, play the video, select 720p HD (if available), and then press full screen. (It makes the videos far easier to read.)
Note: some of these are for very old versions of quicksilver and might be out of date.


Plugin QS Compatibility OS X Compatibility Current Description Tutorial
1Password Module All 10.5+ Yes Adds the ability to search for 1Password data, 'Go & Fill' and 'Reveal in 1Password' app 1Password Module
Abracadabra Module All? All? No Trigger commands with gestures Abracadabra Module
AcidSearch  ?  ?  ? Provides access to AcidSearch channels as queries
Airport Module All 10.4 & below (old version); 10.6+ (new version) Yes Adds a catalog source and actions for AirPort networks and disabling Airport Airport Module
Apple Address Book Module All All Yes Adds Address Book contacts and actions for showing & editing. Contact info is available as children of contacts. Address Book Module
Apple Mail Module All All Yes Enables email actions for Apple Mail. Allows browsing mailboxes as children of Mail (beta) Apple Mail Module
Automator Module All? All?  ? Support For Workflows and Automator Actions Automator Module
Backpack Module All? All?  ? Shortcuts to Backpack Pages - Adds a new catalog entry source. Pages have an email address that can be used to append to them with the Email Modules Backpack Module
BBEdit Module B51  ? No Recent Documents and an action for opening a specific line in BBEdit BBEdit Module
Bezel Interface All All Yes Provides a Bezel Interface Interfaces
BezelHUD All All Yes Moveable interface (file path sometimes missing) Interfaces
BezelPro All? All? Yes See Bezel Pro Interface for more info. (Doesn't respect spaces in 10.6.) Interfaces
Bluetooth Module  ?  ? No Allows Bluetooth Dialing of Phone Numbers Bluetooth Module
BuddyPop Module  ?  ?  ? Reveal contacts with BuddyPop. Requires BuddyPop 2.0
Calculator Module All All Yes Allows calculation of mathematical expressions with the Calculate action Calculator Module
Camino Module  ?  ?  ? Adds Camino Bookmarks Camino Module
Cl1p Upload  ?  ?  ? Upload text or files to
Clipboard Module All All Yes Allows clipboard recording and adds a clipboard history window. Clipboard Module
CLIX Module  ?  ?  ? Imports commands from CLIX files
Chat Support  ?  ?  ?
Clutter Artwork  ?  ?  ? Loads artwork from Ambitious Lemon
Command Line Tool (qs) All All Yes Allows data to be piped into Quicksilver from the command line Command Line Tool
Constellation Menus (β) ß54 + ? 10.4 + ?  ? Adds Radial Menu Actions to Quicksilver
Contact Support All All Yes  ?
Core Support All All Yes Provides support and actions for basic types such as files, strings, and URLs Core Plugin
Cube Interface All All Yes A rotating cube interface with a variety of options: More info in Quicksilver Preferences Interfaces
Cyberduck ß58+; ß36-ß54 10.6+; 10.3 - 10.5 Yes Adds your Cyberduck bookmarks to the catalog and by Y → or / into the Cyberduck Application Cyberduck Module
Define with All All Yes That
DeMinimizer Module ß58 10.6 Yes DeMinimizer - Restore Minimized Windows DeMinimizer Module
Desktop Picture Action not b58+ not 10.6 No Set the desktop picture of any display to a file, folder, or URL. (The Services Menu Module enables a system service that does the same thing.)
Developer Module All All Yes Developer Documentation Access
Deviant Module (+)  ?  ?  ? Allows you to link the current desktop to any folder, effectively swapping the items on your desktop. Deviant Module
Dictionary Module All All Yes Defines a word in (Wrong info in Plug-ins).
Disk Image Support All All Yes Disk Image handling and actions
Displays Module (+) All All (Broken in 10.6?) Yes(?) Allows modification of resolution and depth of main display.
E-mail Support All All Yes
Eclipse (ß)  ?  ?  ? A plugin that indexes Eclipse workspaces and contributes them along with their log files to the catalog. Eclipse Module
Entourage 2004 Module All All Yes Enables email actions for Entourage. Preliminary access to contacts in v2004.
Event Triggers All All Yes Trigger based on system events (Can trigger QS actions on app launch, startup(?) etc.)
Extra Scripts All All Yes A set of system Shell/AppleScripts that emulate some OS functions like restarting and process actions. Extra Scripts
File Attribute Actions All Labeling crashes ß58 in 10.6 Yes File locking, labeling and visibility actions
File Compression Module All All Yes File Compress/Decompress Actions
File Tagging Module (+) All All Yes Modify and find tags in file comments File Tagging Module (+)
Finder Module All All Yes Alows the Finder to respond to Open/Reveal/Selection actions.
Firefox/Mozilla Module All All Yes Bookmarks & History for Firefox & Mozilla. Firefox 3+ requires an about:config tweak. See the Plugin Page. Firefox Module
Flashlight Interface All All Yes Provides a Spotlight style interface.
Remote Hosts Module ß54+ 10.5+ Yes A plug-in for dealing with a large number of computers with SSH/FTP/HTTPS etc. actions Remote Hosts Module
Flickr Upload  ? Crashes QS ß63 in 10.7  ? No Upload images or directories to flickr
Fumo Interface All All Yes Interface conceptually designed by Pavel and coded by Alcor/Ankur. To customise go to: qs://preferences#QSFumoInterfacePrefPane Interfaces
Gmail Module All All Yes Enable mail actions for Gmail
Google Calendar Module  ?  ? No? (Doesn't work in ß58, 10.6.) Create Events on Google Calendar
Growl Notifier All All Yes Provides notifications via Growl
Hotkey Triggers All All Yes Allows HotKey triggering of actions. Make sure trigger objects are cataloged in ß58
iCal Module (+) All All Yes Adds actions for creating events and to-dos from text. *10.5+ only* Use v1.0.1 for 10.4 or less iCal Module (+)
iChat Module All All Yes Enables Chat actions for iChat
IconGrabber All All Yes Save icons of Quicksilver objects in five different image formats (Use arrows to navigate when using 'Save Icon To…).
Image Manipulation Actions (+) All All Yes Actions to scale and change format of images Image Manipulation Actions
Indigo X10 Module  ?  ?  ? Accesses Indigo's home automation features
Interarchy Module  ?  ?  ? Provides access to Interarchy Bookmarks and Net Disks. Allows you to open Bookmarks; upload files and folders to Bookmarks; and mount, unmount, and sync Net Disks.

Enhancements Bookmarks and Net Disks in catalogue and as children of Interarchy. Open Bookmark action for opening Bookmarks. Run Bookmark action for running Bookmarks in the background. Upload action for uploading files and folders. Mount, Unmount, and Sync actions for managing Net Disks. Version Changes Bookmarks and Net Disks are now available as children of Interarchy. Run Bookmark action for running Bookmarks in the background. Bookmarks Bar Bookmarks are now available too. Requirements Interarchy 8.5 or later.

iPhoto Module All All Yes Adds Albums to the catalog
iTerm Module All All Yes iTerm Support

Warning This is alpha software. Use at your own risk.

Prerequisites iTerm Usage To use iTerm as the Handler/Helper for the command line interface:

Bring up the Quicksilver Preferences window. Choose the 'Handlers' pane. Choose 'iTerm' for 'Command Line Interface'. Now the following actions should use iTerm:

Go To Directory in Terminal Run a Text Command in Terminal Run in Terminal [...] The plug-in also provides iTerm-specific version of the above commands:

Go To Directory in iTerm Run a Text Command in iTerm Run in iTerm [...] Show Man Page [1] These commands may be used regardless of the Handler/Helper command line interface setting.

[1] 'Show Man Page' does not appear to be handled by the mediator.

Known Issues and Notes Escaping of arguments may be iffy. If iTerm is running but there are no windows, iTerm actions may not work. Execution of a command in the first tab in iTerm is not supported yet. The iTerm version of 'Show Man Page' behaves a little differently than the corresponding Terminal action -- exiting the man command does not end the shell session. Acknowledgements Adam Ratcliffe

iTunes Module All All Yes Provides access to playlists and allows browsing by Artist, Album, Genre, and Composer.


Playlists and Browsing groups in catalog and as children of iTunes Party Shuffle and Play actions Display notifications on track changes Adds control scripts for playing, pausing, skipping tracks

iUseThis Plugin All All Yes Integrate your applications with through quicksilver. Find the homepage or latest version directly. iUseThis Plugin
Keychain module All All Yes Access to Keychain entries
Mailsmith Module  ?  ?  ? Enables email actions for Mailsmith
Menu Interface All All Yes Provides a menu bar interface
Mini Interface All All Yes Provides a miniature interface Interfaces
Mini-Bezel All All Yes Interface by Neurolepsy Interfaces
Mouse Triggers All All Yes Allows triggering with hot corners and edges of the main screen
Music ARTchive Artwork  ?  ?  ? Stores and loads artwork from the common music archive
Music Support  ?  ?  ?
Network Location Module All All Yes Adds networks locations and switching
NetNewsWire Module (ß)  ?  ?  ? Subscriptions and Headlines
Notification Hub All All Yes Provides a way to use several notifiers at once (What's this do?)
Now Contact Module  ?  ?  ? Contacts from Now Contact
Omniweb Module All All Yes Bookmarks, History, Search Queries, and Proxy Object.
OpenMeta File Tagging All All Yes Provides an interface for adding and removing OpenMeta tags to files, as well as browsing tags and finding all files with a certain tag or tags
Opera Module ß58 10.6 Yes Allows browsing tabs and opening URLs in Opera. Homepage Opera Module
Path Finder Module All All Yes Handles open, reveal, info, and selection actions in Path Finder
Phone Actions (ß) All All Yes Phone number dialing actions.
Primer Interface All All Yes The built-in primer interface Interfaces
Process manipulation Actions (+) All All Yes Actions for monitoring and modifying application processes on your machine.
QR Code Module ß58 10.6 Yes Displays QS objects as QR Code (2D Barcodes). Homepage QR Code Module
QS Core All All Yes Provides support and actions for basic types such as files, strings, and URLs.
Remember The Milk All All Yes Provides an interface to quickly add Remember the Milk todo items Remember The Milk
Remote Desktop Module All All Yes Remote Desktop Access, for now only supports control, observe, and desktop.
Safari Module All All Yes Bookmarks and History
SafariStand Queries All All Yes Provides access to SafariStand QuickSearches as queries
Salling Clicker  ?  ?  ? Publish Menu, Remove Menu and Make Device Squeak scripts for Salling Clicker
Screen Capture Actions (ß) All All Yes A set of actions that allow capturing the screen
Service Menu Module All All Yes Converts entries from the Services menu into actions
Shelf Module All All Yes Provides a shelf for temporary storage Shelf Module
Showcase Interface All All Yes (Buggy though.) No download link Interfaces
SilverFlow Interface All All Yes SilverFlow Interface. No download link Interfaces
Slideshow Action  ? 10.4 only? (Broken in 10.6.) No Provides a slideshow action

Enhancements Adds a "Slideshow" action that works on images, a pdf, or a folder

Social Bookmarks All All Yes Provides access to and ma.gnolia bookmarks (Broken for Yahoo or Google Delicious accounts)
Sofa Artwork  ?  ?  ? Loads artwork from Sofa
Sogudi Queries All All Yes Provides access to Sogudi shortcuts as queries
Spotlight Module All All Yes Spotlight actions and integration


Spotlight Query Catalog Entry, currently pretty rough. Search in Spotlight Window Action (This works fine.) Spotlight Search in Folder Action (internally (Can anyone use this?) or through Finder) Spotlight Search for Filenames Action

Subversion Module All All Yes Adds the ability to interact with Subversion Repositories.

Requirements This plugin requires the svn command to be accessable at /usr/local/bin. Subversion can be downloaded at

Instructions To use specify a path in QS and then pick svn commands from the action menu. Detailed instructions are available for more help.

Stikkit All All No Provides access to Stikkit (defunct)
Synergy Artwork  ?  ?  ? Loads artwork from Synergy
System Hotkey Commands All All Yes Adds a catalog entry for Exposé and Dashboard commands. For these to work, keyboard activation in Exposé system preferences must be set to F1-F13 (with or without modifiers).
Tatau Module All All Yes Tatau - Command Window Decorations

Menu bar real estate in Mac OS X is limited. This plug-in is an experiment in providing some of the functionality in another location. Currently, there is support for displaying date/time information via the command window when the Bezel interface is in use. There is also an action to set the brightness of the main display, and some other random things provided by this plug-in.

Tatau Module
Teleflip Module (ß)  ?  ? N/A Send SMS messages via Teleflip. The Teleflip service is now defunct, so this plugin is no longer relevant.
Terminal Module All All Yes Allows running of shell scripts in Quicksilver or the Terminal
Text Manipulation Actions All All Yes Actions for appending text to files
TextMate Ranker (+) All All Yes Ranking which prefers word boundaries. Change the default ranker in the Handlers preferences.
Things Plugin All All Yes Enables the creation of Things todos from within Quicksilver Things Plugin
Transmit 3 Module  ?  ?  ? Favorites Access & Uploading

Enhancements Adds Transmit favorites to catalog Favorites contain links to all the remote sidebar locations An upload action allows sending files to favorites or their sidebar links Version Changes Sidebar links are now accessible

Unit Conversion Module All All Yes (Press '.' in Pane 3 to type conversion units.) Miscellaneous unit conversions Unit Conversion Module
User Account Module All 10.4? No Adds user accounts to the catalog and a fast user switch action
User Interface Access (+) All All Yes Access the menus and windows of running applications.


Access for assistive devices must be enabled in Universal Access pane of System Preferences

User Interface Access (+)
Viscosity Module All All Yes Viscosity plug-in for Quicksilver

The VPN connections you've defined in Viscosity get added to the catalog. You can either search for them directly or right arrow into the Viscosity application.

There are two actions available for a Viscosity connection:

Connect to VPN Disconnect from VPN There are also two actions available if you select the Viscosity application in the first pane:

Connect All VPNs Disconnect All VPNs When you first install the plug-in, these actions will be higher in priority than "Open", which is normally the default for applications. If that's not what you want, move them down the list in your Quicksilver preferences.

The plug-in tries to be smart about which actions to display. For instance, you won't see "Disconnect from VPN" unless that connection is currently active.

NOTE: If Viscosity isn't running, any of the "Connect…" actions will start it. This is generally what you want, but be aware that if you've configured certain VPNs to connect on launch, they will be connected regardless of what you are trying to do via Quicksilver.

Web Search Module All All Yes Allows searching the web
WikitWidget Module  ?  ?  ? A plugin to append and prepend text or create entries in a dashboard wiki
Window Interface All All Yes Provides a simple window interface Interfaces
Yojimbo Module All All Yes Add and Access Yojimbo Items