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Tatau - Command Window Decorations

Tatau Module date 1.png

Menu bar real estate in Mac OS X is limited. This plug-in is an experiment in providing some of the functionality in another location. Currently, there is support for displaying date/time information via the command window when the Bezel interface is in use. There are also some other random things provided by this plug-in.


  • The Bezel interface should be installed and be configured as the command interface via the Appearance preference pane.
  • Via the preference pane for this plug-in it should be possible to affect the format used to display date/time. There are several "levels" of verbosity one may choose from, and each level is configurable in detail via the Formats tab of the Interational Preference Pane.

To set the brightness of the main display:

  • Activate Quicksilver.
  • In the 1st pane, specify a value between 0.0 and 1.0 via text entry mode.
  • Select the 'Set Brightness' action in the 2nd pane.
  • Press enter/return to execute.

Tatau Module Set Brightness 1.png

This plug-in is still very much an experiment. Only displaying date and time are supported at the moment. Displaying other sorts of things is under consideration -- e.g. current temperature, volume, Gmail unread count, etc. (The last sentence is quite old information.)

Acknowledgements: Howard Melman, musti