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The Plugins List is the list of plugins that is sent from the server to Quicksilver.

The list is created using the QS-Builder ruby script, and a separate list compiled for each combination of OS version / QS version pair.

The ruby script will need to be run, and the server updated when any of the following happen

Plugin Related Events[edit]

  • A brand new plugin is released
  • A plugin version is updated. Here we may need to check the compatibility of the plugin with previous QS version. If for example the new plugin adds a brand new feature, it should be available for previous QS users if possible. Maybe we assume it works for all versions -- unless stated (key in .plist?)
  • A plugin is seen to break with a new QS version
  • A plugin is seen to break with a new OS version

QS Related Events[edit]

  • A new QS version is released. Any reports on broken plugins from users (we can't be expected to test them all). Ties to #3 above
  • QS adds support for a new OS (new 'OS' folder (?))
  • QS drops support for a new OS (remove an old 'OS' folder (?))

OS Related Events[edit]

  • A new OS version is released (ties in with #4 in 1st list)