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This page contains one line tips for Quicksilver that span a wide range of functionalities, as posted on the @LoveQuicksilver twitter account.

Here are some key characters with their meanings attached:
⇧shift ⌃control ⌥option ⌘command ↵enter ⇥tab ←left arrow →right ↓down ↑up βbeta ßeszett!

See the latest Quicksilver TOTDs at: http://snapbird.org/lovequicksilver/timeline/TOTD


  • Pressing delete while typing resets the search text without removing the Object in pane 1. Press it again to clear pane 1.
  • Make a Trigger for 'Downloads>Show Contents'. Instant results without putting the contents in the Catalog or waiting for a rescan.
  • Right-click on an Object in pane 1 to see its alphabetical list of its available Actions. Great for an overview. http://t.co/YoQGDV4
  • Paste a path like ~/Downloads directly into pane 1. Quicksilver will change it to a file. Or type it in; its icon'll show when QS finds a matching path.

  • Make a Trigger for 'Airport>Show Contents' to get a list of available networks. Instant access. http://t.co/ldbeL70 http://t.co/w6tjqhE
  • Hit ⌘⇧[letter] in Quicksilver to launch the default Action for ⇧[letter]. For example, ⌘⇧O executes 'Open' (if it's default for '⇧O').
  • Pipe files to Quicksilver from Terminal by installing the Command Line Tool plugin. Usage: 'qs file' or put on the Shelf using 'qs -s file'.
  • Reveal in Finder instead of Open: With a file in the 1st pane, ⇥, ⌘↵ to use the 'alternate' Action. Check it out with other Actions!

  • Plugins labelled with a '(+)' need 'Enable advanced features' in Quicksilver's Preferences>Application pane to work.
  • Enable 'Capitalized keys modify action in command window' in Quicksilver's Preferences>Extras to avoid having to tab to alter the Action.
  • Get any application's 'current document' in Quicksilver with the updated 'User Interface Access' plugin. http://qsapp.com/plugins/
  • Search iTunes tracks in one press: Install the iTunes Module, Go to 'Preferences>Triggers>iTunes>Search Tracks' and enable. Voila!

  • Instantly print Images and rtfs. Check Preferences>Catalog>System>Printers. Documents open their application's print dialog. http://t.co/CtFcnjt
  • Alter Quicksilver's command window colours in Preferences>Appearance. You can enable/disable glass/shadows and alter colours. http://bit.ly/oWjwRO
  • Open the Quicksilver interface with a single key by enabling the 'Modifier-only Activation' setting in Preferences>Command.
  • If you've installed the iTunes module for Quicksilver, check out the iTunes-specific triggers — awesome! E.g. 'Show Playing Track'.

  • Dismissed Quicksilver and want to search the last object's folder again? Activate QS, press ← then → and it's ready to search.
  • Use Skype? Install the Quicksilver Services Menu Module then → into a contact in QS and use the Skype/Call or Skype/Send SMS Actions.
  • Stay up to date with new Quicksilver plugins. RSS http://qsapp.com/plugins/rss.xml
  • To add to the custom Catalog, don't use the '+' button at the bottom - drag a file/folder from Quicksilver's interface into the list.

  • Quicksilver as Lion's Launchpad: Make a Trigger for 'Applications (Catalog)>Show Contents' (QSPresetMainApplications). Fully searchable!
  • To search by file extension, make sure Quicksilver's Search Mode is set to 'Filter Results' A @ddjfreedom catch. http://t.co/OUaqNCb
  • Get selected text into Quicksilver: check 'Send to Quicksilver' in Keyboard System Preferences. From @neurolepsy http://t.co/8EK6P1q http://t.co/arqHBk2
  • Handy tip for Quicksilver ß60 users: The 'Rename' Action now only selects the file's name and not its extension, mimicking Finder.

  • Add a color to Quicksilver's Shelf from the Color Picker, then paste it onto selected text to change its color. http://t.co/iHayanG
  • Make Quicksilver even faster! Try setting 'Show other matches' to 'Never' or 'Delayed' in the Preferences>Command. Speed!
  • Show results in Quicksilver's 1st pane more quickly by reducing the 'Wait before searching' time in the Preferences>Command. Try 0.00s
  • @titosemi: If you press ⌃↵ instead of ↵, Quicksilver combines the panes so you can choose 'Run after Delay' in pane 2, and enter a time period in pane 3. Cool for Triggers!

  • Make a custom Catalog entry for /Volumes (⌥→ into /) with a depth of 1. Quick access to any connected storage from Quicksilver.
  • Get iTunes track notifications with Quicksilver-like Growl Tunes. Install the iTunes plugin and check 'Monitor Recent Tracks' in Preferences.
  • View more results in the drop-down 'Results List' in Quicksilver by altering the Row Height in the Preferences>Command. Try setting it to 26.
  • Browse the current URL in Safari through Quicksilver http://t.co/LFo1khi Save 'Current Web Page (Safari)>Show Contents' as a Trigger. http://t.co/cg4Dt5o

  • Resize or convert images quickly with Quicksilver by installing the 'Image Manipulation Actions'. Read more: http://bit.ly/kQZQoi p.110
  • Set up Quicksilver to activate with a single or double tap of either ⌘, ⌥, ⌃, ⇪ or 'fn' in Preferences>Command. Saves using two keys!
  • Bump Quicksilver results up the list by clicking the dot beside the entry to 'Set as Default'. Or use the 'Assign Abbreviation' Action.
  • Use Quicksilver as a scratch pad to drag multiple files from. http://t.co/Edqh6QT

  • Hold a key for a tad longer in Quicksilver to avoid having to press ↩. Try it: Press and hold 'a', and the default for 'a' is acted upon!
  • Set the spacebar behavior to 'Jump to Argument Field' in Preferences>Command. Space gets the first Command using pane 3. Default: Open, space: Open With…
  • Use Growl notifications with Quicksilver by installing the Growl Module. Get QS notifications, iTunes track changes and more!
  • ⌥→ into folders when browsing in Quicksilver to see hidden files and folders. Also allows you to directly get into packages (e.g., .app, .pages, .rtfd).

  • Instead of using → and ← to browse in Quicksilver, try '/' and '?'.
  • Drag files onto applications in Quicksilver's 1st pane for 'Open With...' functionality. Or just grab the file with ⌘⎋ (Command-Escape) and use 'Open With...'.
  • Use Quicksilver to open a URL in the background: Use the 'Open URL in Background' Action, or hit ⌘↩ after typing the URL.
  • Add stuff to your DropBox instantly with Quicksilver. Make this Command: '[folder/file]>Make Hard Link In...>DropBox'. Done!

  • Use plain text files as snippet libraries searchable from pane 1: make a Trigger for '[plain text file]>Show Contents'. http://t.co/ZKp76cR
  • Launch and hide your most common applications with Triggers in Quicksilver: Set up a Trigger: '[application(s)]>Toggle Application'.
  • Type '=' in the 1st pane to enter Quicksilver's Calculator mode. Simple math only, and requires the Calculator Module.
  • Use the Shelf/Clipboard to store/paste special characters http://t.co/ywAphwI. Make Shelf>Show Contents into a trigger.

  • Use Quicksilver as a scratch pad to drag multiple files from. http://t.co/Edqh6QT
  • @titosemi If you press ⌃⏎ instead of ⏎, Quicksilver combines the panes and you can choose Run after Delay in pane 3. Cool 4 Triggers!
  • Navigate folders from Quicksilver's Shelf. Find them with a Shelf>Show Contents Trigger. http://t.co/ZVfqTSU http://t.co/61zFK5Z
  • Relaunch Quicksilver easily by activating the interface and holding ⌘⌃Q. Not sure why you'd need to, but just incase ;)

  • Type '=' in the 1st pane to enter Quicksilver's calculator mode. Simple math only, and requires the Calculator Module
  • Remove clipboard text formatting/make plain text in Quicksilver. Setup a Trigger with: pbpaste | pbcopy (Run Command in Shell)
  • Use Quicksilver to automatically login using 1Password data: http://t.co/Ij4ZtMU Download: http://t.co/lrQmaEQ
  • Navigate folders from Quicksilver's Shelf. Find them with a Shelf>Show Contents Trigger. http://t.co/ZVfqTSU http://t.co/61zFK5Z

  • Run after delay in Quicksilver: Enter text in 1st Pane, ⌃↵ then Run after Delay. Great for a 5 min reminder!
  • @alemacgo: Define global shortcuts to open frequently-accessed folders easily! I use ⌃1 for Downloads.
  • Quit and Relaunch multiple applications with the comma trick. Invoke Quicksilver, type your applications (comma separated) ⇥ Quit or Relaunch, ↵ - done.
  • Use the first pane to locate files and then drag and drop - i.e. attachments.

  • @NE555: Use the File Tagging Module to find files with only the Finder and Quicksilver! http://t.co/lvNTAPY http://t.co/ODNLUrw
  • Delete Safari's .download files when canceled. Setup a Trigger: mv ~/Downloads/*.download ~/.Trash (Run Command in Shell).
  • Get the last Quicksilver object by invoking QS and hitting ⌘[ (Last Object Proxy) Useful if the 1st pane is wiped accidentally.
  • Drag multiple images to Twitter application's tweet window using Quicksilver's comma trick http://t.co/sz1yN5v

  • @thightower: Quicksilver didn't remember scripts as Triggers. Fix: Added my scripts folder to the Custom Catalog, included contents.
  • Can't find an Action when making a Trigger? Try ⌘C from pane 2 of #Quicksilver in normal use, then ⌘V into pane 2 of Trigger creation.