Quicksilver Manual

Quicksilver is a powerful interface for your Mac, letting you perform countless actions entirely with the keyboard.

How To Read this Manual

Quicksilver’s strength is that it integrates with so many different aspects of macOS, but that also makes it difficult to explain in an order that works for every user while avoiding duplication. The table below describes how this manual is organized and how new and experienced users should use it to learn about Quicksilver.

The first section is an introduction and introduces concepts and terminology used throughout the rest of the manual.

The next section covers the preferences in detail. New users should skip over things that don’t interest them.

The third section is the bulk of this manual and covers all the plugins. Rather than cover each of the dozens of plugins in alphabetical or some other arbitrary order, it is organized around topics such as working with files, contacts, e-mail, or web browsers (roughly the Plugin Preferences categories). Grouping similar plugin information together avoids duplication and makes it easier to compare features (e.g., how Quicksilver supports different web browsers).

Each section includes general usage and configuration instructions, as well as troubleshooting hints and tips for using advanced Quicksilver features. New users should be able to start using the features quickly, and experienced users will probably find something new about many features.

Section Topics New Users Experienced Users
Introduction Introduction, installation, basic usage Read thoroughly Skim
Preferences Preferences and configuration Skim, refer back to when needed Read thoroughly
Features Features, grouped by category Read sections of interest. Look up unfamiliar things in the introduction and preferences sections Read sections of interest
Plugins Individual plugin documentation Discover plugins, learn about their functionality Read as needed
Appendix Troubleshooting and extending Read as needed Read as needed