Provides a shelf for permanent storage of objects.

Available on macOS version 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.6, 12.4
for Quicksilver build 4024, 4026, 4039

Shelf Plugin

Note: the Shelf Plugin must be installed in order for the Clipboard plugin to work correctly.

The shelf plugin adds a 'Shelf' for permanent storage of any Quicksilver item, which is persistent across relaunches. You can add any item to the Shelf, and retrieve it at any time.

Some examples of items you put on the shelf might be:

Showing the Shelf

There are several ways in which you can show/activate the shelf:

  1. Activate Quicksilver, and use the shortcut ⌘⌥S. This will automatically show or hide the shelf, depending on its current state.
  2. From Quicksilver, selecting 'Shelf' in the 1st pane, and 'Show' as the action. This is useful for creating a trigger
  3. If the Shelf is docked at the side of your screen, hover your mouse over it. For more info, see the 'Docked or Floating' section below.

Docked or Floating

The Shelf (and Clipboard) windows are called 'Docking windows' in Quicksilver terminology. They can either be moved to float anywhere on your screen, or docked to the edge of the screen (similar to how the Dock itself behaves when you turn on Dock hiding).

Where you place your Shelf window is up to you. If your Shelf is floating, then after use it will fade into the background. You can use options 1 and 2 in the 'Showing the Shelf' list above to open it.

If you dock your window, you can also show the window by hovering the mouse over the portion of the screen where your shelf is docked. This can be useful for dragging items onto the shelf, or for manipulating the shelf solely with the mouse.


Put on Shelf


The Shelf plugin adds 3 items to your catalog (in one group), under the 'Quicksilver' tab.

Shelf & Clipboard

Shelf Contents

Clipboard Contents

Adding items to the Shelf

There are two ways to add items to your shelf. One is to use the 'Put on Shelf' action from Quicksilver; select an item in Quicksilver's 1st pane, and use the 'Put on Shelf' action. The other is to drag and drop an item from Quicksilver's 1st (or 3rd) pane straight onto the shelf.

Using items on the Shelf

You can use items on the shelf in several different ways