Bookmarks, History, Search Queries, and Proxy Object.

Available on macOS version 10.11, 10.12, 10.13, 10.14, 10.15, 11.6, 12.4
for Quicksilver build 4024, 4026, 4039

OmniWeb Module

This plug-in allows you to add your Bookmarks, Favorites and History from OmniWeb into Quicksilver’s catalog. It also provides a proxy object and access to web searches.

Proxy Object

If proxy objects are enabled, you can access the URL of the page currently open in OmniWeb by searching for “Current Web Page”. Several browsers provide a Current Web Page proxy object, so look for the one with OmniWeb’s icon.

Web Searches

Searches defined in OmniWeb’s Shortcut Preferences can be added to the catalog automatically and used from within Quicksilver. For example, if you define a shortcut with a keyword of [email protected], you can do either of the following from within Quicksilver:

  1. google → Search For… → [search terms]
  2. [search terms] → Find With… → google

This functionality requires the Web Search Module for Quicksilver.